Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
South Wales & West Branch

Noel Edward Challenger FICS

25.12.1935 - 21.12.2021

Gabriel Jug reflects on the full life of his Father-in- Law and Mentor Noel...

Noel was born in the Gate Inn, the pub in Llanfrechfa, on Christmas Day 1935. That may go some way to explain why Noel was so happy when he was socialising with friends in a pub or a restaurant. He lived in Llanfrechfa all his life, apart from a brief period when he was called up for National Service, including overseas service in Malaya.

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John Gregson Slater MICS

22.3.1932 - 17.3.2019

John Gregson Slater

Son of the late Wing Commander E.A. Slater O.B.E and Mrs M E Slater (Babs). Centre is John Slater to his left is the late George Phillips FICS and to John's right Alan Humphries FICS.

Alan Humphries, reflects on the life of John...

I first became acquainted with John in 1960 when I was a trainee shipbroker in Exmouth, we lost touch for a number of years  but started to meet again principally at local branch meetings of the ICS.  Over the last fifteen or more years this built into a close friendship, we used to meet regularly for pasty evenings, when we talk about the “old times”, his face would shine, clearly shipping was his  first true love. Whether working in the shipping industry or any of his other career paths John was always a keen supporter of the ICS, right up to the time when he had to give up driving he, at the very least attending the Branch AGM.

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